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May 5th 2015

A simple and appealing application whose main purpose is to help you find and organize your pictures into well defined categories

ZZ Photo Crack + Keygen Download

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ZZ Photo is a comprehensible and effective software solution designed with one purpose in mind: that of helping you sort through your favorite pictures and organize them into neat categories.

The application goes through a quick and uneventful setup operation, after which you can launch it and begin using it to put some order into your image collections.

The accessible and appealing user interface makes ZZ Photo quite easy to understand and handle, while the helpful tips assist even computer novices in getting the hang of what the program is capable of.

For starters, you can import your pictures into ZZ Photo, either by allowing it to scan your libraries and load the detected files, or by manually browsing through your PC and adding the items you want to work with. It can even synchronize with images from your Instagram, Facebook or Flickr accounts.

You can view the pictures and rotate, delete or export them to date-stamped folders. Similarly, you can view the files in a slideshow or a timeline, where they are organized according to their creation date.

The files can be tagged with various keywords, so they will show up on a search more easily. In addition, you can indicate who various people are, as ZZ Photo can automatically detect faces. The ‘Map’ function is capable of sorting your files according to the geographical information present in their metadata, if any is available.

ZZ Photo also lets you create a ‘Private’ area, where you can load the images you do not want other people to see, protecting them with a preferred password, so no unwanted individuals can access them without your permission.

In conclusion, ZZ Photo is an interesting and user-friendly utility that aims to assist you in thoroughly organizing your image collections, enabling you to find the pictures you are after more easily the next them you want to show them to friends.

Supported OS: Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7

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