Plotagon 4.1 Build 1143 Crack + Serial Key Download

May 4 2019

Unleash your creativity and screenwriting talent by creating miniature masterpieces with this easy to use and intuitive movie maker

Plotagon Crack + Serial Key Download

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If you ever wanted to direct your own animated short film or animation but never had the budget nor the time to actually attempt to do so, Plotagon can help you satisfy  some of your creative needs.

Though this application is designed to create short animated movies, it does so differently. Instead of painstakingly creating 3D objects and animating them from scratch, Plotagon enables you to virtually direct movies just like a real director would. The program allows one to select from a library of settings (such as a classroom or office), actors and preset animations then arrange them according to his or her artistic whim.

The application comes with a limited number of settings and actors, but more are available for purchase or free download through the in-app purchase system.

You can begin by selecting a scene. This is done by clicking the dedicated button on the toolbar. Once the scene is selected, one can place characters and assign them dialogue. These lines are provided by the user and actors can be instructed to deliver them in one of the many available postures and moods. Actors can also be made to interact in certain ways. For example, they can give each other a high-five or a hug.

After this is done, you can add music or sound effects and move on with another scene, thus creating a simple animation or movie.

While playing the part of the director certainly is fun, and the application provides you with the ability to purchase scenes and actors in-app, the number of actions, poses and moods that can be used is actually limited. This means that no matter how many actors and scenes one has, the movies created will eventually start to look alike. Though this may be disappointing the application is easy and enjoyable to use and may be especially appealing to younger users.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista

What's new
  • Added the ability to save the project as a template using menu item "Project - Save as a template...". After that, you can easily create new projects with the saved template using the menu item "Project - New project from a template"
  • Now the audio and video/photo libraries related to one project only. If you need previous files for your new project as well, use "Open recent" button on the toolbar
  • Now you can drop the transitions to the non-intersected but connected blocks too. The program will intersect them for you
  • Restored the ability to intersect audio blocks in the same track with auto fade-out/fade-in mixing

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