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May 15, 2021

Windows 10 update is coming: Make sure you know these top features first

Learn Windows 10 tips and tricks like taking a screenshot, setting up taskbar shortcuts and saving battery on your PC before the May 2021 update is released.

May 15

Fastest VPN 2021

Three top VPNs battle it out to see which takes the privacy and speed crown.

May 15

Best Mac VPN 2021

These VPN services are flexible, fast and secure for use with Apple's MacOS.

May 15

Best Android VPN 2021

These are the best virtual private networks for protecting your privacy on your Android mobile device.

May 15

Best deals, discounts and freebies for college students in 2021

Kids can get half off Amazon Prime, free Apple TV Plus, dirt-cheap Spotify and lots more. There's even a Hulu plan for just $2.

May 14

Android malware tries to trick you. Here's how to spot it

Malicious apps are common, and they can drive you nuts with ads or steal your personal information.

May 14

Windows 10 hacks: Easy ways to take screenshots, save battery and more

Become a Windows 10 pro before Microsoft's May 2021 update arrives. Here's how to master some basic tasks and hidden tricks.

May 14

Prevent iPhone apps from tracking you in iOS 14.5. Here's how

It takes less than a minute to change a setting that will enhance your privacy and help prevent ads from following you across the internet. Here's how to do it.

May 14

Apple's WWDC 2021: How to watch iOS 15, M1, MacOS 12 and everything else on June 7

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference will be held virtually and for free this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how to watch, live.

May 13

All the Windows 10 tips you need to know, now that the big spring 2021 update is on the way

You can become a Windows 10 expert before the next major update with these tricks for taking a screenshot, finding the secret start menu and saving battery life. Here's what to know.

May 13

Windows 10 May 2021 update: Release date, new features, how to download and more

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update, version 21H1, is expected to arrive soon. Here's what we're looking out for, and why it could set the stage for a major Windows 10 shift.

May 13

Change iPhone app icons in iOS 14.5 to get the 'aesthetic' home screen of your dreams

Everyone's customizing their iPhone app icons and making other changes to prettify their home screen in iOS 14.5. Here's how to do it.

May 13

Android 12 is coming. Here are 3 cool things the new OS can do that Android 11 can't

Android 12 vs. Android 11: Here are some of the major feature differences between Google's new OS and the prior version, including security updates and new notifications.

May 12

Make your Outlook work more like Gmail. Here's how

The way your email platform is set up can make or break your productivity. Here's what to do if you're using Outlook but miss Gmail.

May 12

Android 12: Release date, new features and everything else we know

We're expecting to get a first look at a finalized Android 12 at Google I/O next week. Here's what we know so far.

May 12

Stop suffering from a slow PC. 8 surefire ways to speed it up yourself

You can fix a lot of issues on your own, for free. Here's what you need to do.

May 11

Permanently delete your Facebook account, loose ends and all

Closing out your Facebook account takes some effort. Here's everything you need to know.

May 10

File-sharing 101: How to actually share files in Google Drive and OneDrive

Share large files, photos and videos with co-workers and family members across the globe -- free. Here's how.

May 10

Clubhouse launches Android beta after year on iOS

Beta is rolling out to Android users in the US now.

May 9

Zoom's new video background has you rubbing virtual elbows. Here's how to use it

This new Zoom feature lets you virtually sit next to your friends, colleagues and family in a way you have to see to appreciate.

May 9

Stop iPhone apps from tracking you in iOS 14.5. Here's how

Change a setting that will boost your privacy and help prevent ads from following you across the internet. Here's how to do it in under a minute.

May 8

Use Zoom like a pro: 19 hidden tips and tricks to improve your video calls

We've got a step-by-step guide on how to change your Zoom name, profile picture and background, make a breakout room and more.

May 7

Microsoft may not launch Windows 10X after all

The operating system was meant to be the company's answer to Chrome OS.

May 7

If HBO Max changed these 5 things, we'd watch it all the time

HBO Max has a lot to offer, but the streaming service isn't perfect quite yet.

May 7