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July 15, 2024

These Devices Make Streaming TV With a VPN Easy

Safely and securely stream your favorite shows and movies with these devices.

Apr 8

Best Streaming Service for 4K Content

Looking for streaming platforms with 4K libraries that are worth your time and money? Check out this guide.

Feb 6

Best Sports Streaming Service for 2024

There's a stadiumful of options, but don't worry: We'll lead the way to the best sports streaming services.

Jan 30

Best Anime Streaming Services for 2022

Find out the best platforms to stream anime faves like Overlord season 4, Chainsaw Man and My Dress-Up Darling.

Sep 2

The Google Docs Features I've Always Wanted Are Now Real

I can't believe I ever lived without these four Google Docs features.

Aug 1

Bob's Burgers on Hulu: Catch Up on All 12 Seasons Before Seeing the Movie

Hulu is the best place to stream all 12 seasons of Bob's Burgers. Here's how to start watching for free.

May 25

Google to display domestic violence hotline on related searches

When people in the US search Google for information related to domestic violence, they'll now see a box displaying ways to contact a help line.

Feb 2

Best VPN service for Amazon Fire TV Stick in 2021

Your ISP doesn't need to know what you're binge-watching. Here's how to choose a virtual private network for your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Dec 14

Marvel's Eternals, Shang-Chi won't stream on Disney Plus this weekend, sorry

But Shang-Chi will be available on Disney Plus not long after.

Nov 4

Best VPN service of 2021

Looking to maximize your security and anonymity online? Of course you are. A virtual private network can help.

Jul 23

Sims 4 Cottage Living: The expansion pack we've been waiting for is available now

We went hands-on with the cozy Sims 4 DLC that will make you fall in love with the game all over again.

Jul 23

New on Apple Arcade: Endless runner Jetpack Joyride now available

Check out the high-tech action game today.

Jul 23

Ted Lasso is back on Apple TV Plus with season 2. Here's everything to know

Ted Lasso's second season kicked off on Apple TV Plus early Friday, but the service is a little different than the others you may be used to. Here's everything to know.

Jul 23

Windows 11 makes it easy to change your wallpaper. Here's how

We're obsessed with the new Windows 11 wallpaper options. Here's how to change yours.

Jul 23

Netflix will soon stream games to your phone. 3 things to know about how it will work

Video games are coming to Netflix in the near future, which could be a game changer for the at-home entertainment industry.

Jul 23

New iOS 14.7 update for iPhone: The best features you'll use before iOS 15 hits

iOS 15 may be right around the corner, but iPhone and iPad can do plenty with iOS 14 -- including with a new feature from the latest update.

Jul 23

Ted Lasso season 2 lands Friday. Here's how to watch (and make sense of Apple TV Plus)

Ted Lasso's second season arrives early Friday on Apple TV Plus, but the service is a little different than the rest. Here's the important questions answered.

Jul 23

Old, Snake Eyes aren't streaming on HBO Max, sorry

HBO Max has become linked in people's minds with streaming new movies on the same day they hit theaters -- but Old (M. Night Shyamalan's latest) and Snake Eyes (that G.I. Joe movie) aren't there.

Jul 23

Major websites taken down in widespread outage

Banks, retailers and popular video games were impacted, though most sites have now returned.

Jul 22

Avoid crowded public transportation with Google Maps' new features. Here's how

Trains and buses are running at full capacity, but Google's AI technology will help you bypass the crowds.

Jul 22

Zoom added games to play during meetings. Here's how to do it

Zoom launches an in-app gaming experience so you can play poker, Heads Up and Kahoot! on the platform.

Jul 22

What happens when all the brands in your home get a voice?

Commentary: Are we ready to have a whole cast of characters talking back to us at home? Amazon, Verizon and other major brands certainly think so.

Jul 22