Best Sports Streaming Service for 2024

There are more ways watch all kinds of content than ever. This includes a variety of options to watch the sports you love and root for your favorite teams right from the comfort of your home. You no longer need a cable or satellite TV subscription; numerous live TV streaming services feature the biggest games from all around the sports world.

Choosing the best streaming service for sports can be a harrowing process, though. Looking around for the option that fits your preferences and region can still be frustrating -- especially when you take into consideration that not every service carries your regional sports network. To give you a better idea of your sports coverage options, we've brought together the best sports streaming services below.

Case in point: Boston-area hockey fans looking for the Bruins or Major League Baseball fans hoping to catch the Red Sox need NESN to view the majority of their games. That's even if they subscribe to a sport-specific, league-sponsored package like MLB TV, which doesn't cover in-market games.

Streaming services generally don't carry these regional sports networks, or RSNs, but DirecTV Stream and FuboTV are the exceptions. They're the only two services that offer the Bally Sports (formerly Fox Sports) channels from Sinclair. FuboTV lets you watch your RSNs on its $75 Pro tier. Meanwhile, you'll have to spring for Direct TV Stream's $100-a-month plan to access its full RSN offerings.

That said, Bally Sports recently missed a large interest payment to its creditors and could potentially file for bankruptcy protection in the near future. It remains to be seen how this will affect viewers, but the NHL released a statement via X (formerly Twitter) on Feb. 16 saying that the league was monitoring the situation closely. "We will be prepared to address whatever circumstances dictate to provide our fans with access to our games," it said. Multiple MLB, NHL and NBA teams have regional coverage deals with Bally Sports.

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Luckily, the NHL and NBA are heading toward their playoffs, where games tend to shift from the regional channels to those that reach a national audience and tend to be included in most TV packages. NBA fans will also need access to NBA TV -- which generally costs extra -- in order to catch every first-round playoff game. Also, some sports, like Formula 1 racing, feature all of their contests on one national network, such as ESPN.

Depending on location, diehard sports fans might ultimately save more money by getting a cable subscription, as your RSNs come bundled with ESPN, TBS, TNT and other local channels. This could especially make sense if the package is bundled with the home internet you'll likely be getting anyway.

If you're a determined cord-cutter or know that you need only one or a few channels to get your sports fix, here are the best streaming services for you.

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