Cutting Optimization Pro

Cutting Optimization Pro Crack + Serial Key Download 2024

April 11 2023

Generate optimal cutting patterns for your 1D or 2D dimensional pieces by using this comprehensive and user-friendly software solution

Cutting Optimization Pro Crack + Serial Key Download 2024

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As its name suggests, Cutting Optimization Pro is a feature-rich application that assists you in obtaining optimal cutting layouts for rectangular (2D) and linear (1D) pieces. Designed to help you save material and increase productivity, it comes in handy for both industrial factories and the home user.

The interface is well-organized and you can customize the workspace to fit your needs. The pieces to be optimized are added to the 'Demand' section, while the 'Inventory' includes the sheets to cut from.

The cutting process can either be performed from one side to another of the material (for guillotines) or by following its shape (for laser or flame blade machines). Also, you can customize the blade thickness and adjust the optimization level.

Cutting Optimization Pro supports fractional input and reduces costs by adding the generated waste to the material inventory. Furthermore, it enables you to define material types (glass, wood etc.) and work directly with complex products (such as tables, chairs, book shelves etc.), as it can automatically compute the size of the pieces needed for building that product.

Entering data such as length, width, quantity and material to both these sections is pretty much all you have to do. Moreover, you can import data from Excel or use the Google Sketchup plugin to export the size of the pieces to Cutting Optimization Pro.

The application analyzes the input parameters and uses its optimization engines (Optimal Programs Cut 2D X and Cut 1D X components) to output the cutting pattern (in graphical and text mode), which can be printed or saved to your computer. Furthermore, the generated pieces can be manually arranged.

Once the optimization process is finished, the program displays statistics related to the current layout, such as the number of cuttings, used surface or waste pieces, together with the order price.

Whether you need to lower costs in an industrial production environment or want to build your own furniture at home, Cutting Optimization Pro comes with all the necessary tools for optimizing the cutting of any material type.

Supported OS: Windows All

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