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SmoothVideo Project Crack + License Key Updated

November 16 2023

Enhance your movies experience with this application that allows you to adjust the resolution and image size of clips loaded in any eternal player

SmoothVideo Project Crack + License Key Updated

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Movies can come in a variety of shapes, both with regards to their storage container formats, but also genre or quality. With regards to the physical aspects of the latter item, although it is preferred to have clips in the best possible quality, sometimes they are found lacking in some aspects. SmoothVideo Project tries to address a small part of this issue, by providing users with options to improve the video parameters of any given movie.

Essentially, one can think of this program as a suite of codecs and video adjustment tools, dedicated to improving the overall experience when watching films in lower quality layouts. The utility is highly intuitive and runs from the tray area, as it relies on external players for actually running the media files.

Once started, users can access multiple functions through the use of the context menu, such as image cropping, resolution adjustments or light alterations. For example, one can modify the video size to certain predefined values, but also tailor it to user defined width, height and frame rate profiles.

Other video enhancements include the ability to apply 3D effects, including “Over-under stereo pair” and “Half over-under stereo pair” modes. All in all, four 3D modes are available, and one can always revert to the standard 2D layout at any moment. Frame cropping operations are also supported, with multiple predefined options available to users; a custom crop module is also available, featuring highly intuitive slide bars to adjust the width and height.

The application is compatible with most media players and will not normally slow down video playback, due to its use of GPU acceleration (where applicable).

To conclude, SmoothVideo Project is a valuable tool for anyone who is faced with regularly watching videos in poor quality. Several key enhancements can be performed, including adjusting the resolution, frame rate or light settings, as well as adding 3D effects to otherwise plain 2D clips.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows Vista

What's new
  • Improved RIFE/TensortRT support
  • Fixed wrong CPU load monitoring, especially in Windows 11
  • Fixed “Vapoursynth Filter” usage in some video players (e.g. ProgDVB)
  • Run VLC with OpenGL renderer supporting HDR

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