PRO100 6.09 Crack With Activator Latest

Aug 3rd 2017

Create interior design mockups in 3D using a generous collection of furniture items and textures, with customizable lighting and different perspectives for easy visualization

PRO100 Crack With Activator Latest

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Whether you are an architect or a home decorator, most likely you are looking for a professional interior designer application to help you create digital sketches for your customers. PRO100 is one of the alternatives you can choose from, providing an extended working canvas with 3D support and a rich object library to streamline your workflow.

PRO100 displays the room you are going to create in 3D, allowing you to set its dimensions from the start. On the down side, it's not possible to design a room with a different shape than the default rectangular one. Instead, you can use the walls in the catalog to design a room the way you want to.

PRO100 comes with a generous object catalog that contains an assortment of furniture pieces, accessories, lighting items, handles, along with a selection of walls, doors, and windows to help you design any room type. And since the key to a beautiful design for your potential customer lays in the details, PRO100 enables you to place all kinds of objects inside a room, including window curtains, household items, decorations, shoes and clothes, plants, and more.

You can move around and zoom in and out using the mouse, which makes working with PRO100 extremely intuitive. Furthermore, there are various projection modes that allow you to view the room from any angle.

Objects can be manipulated just as easy, and additional options to rotate, flip, hide, or move them around are available in the right-click menu.

Objects can be grouped and selected in batch for faster editing. Furthermore, PRO100 enables you to create objects with new dimensions to illustrate your ideas without compromises. In other words, you can expand the default catalog and create your own models and materials.

The simple object manipulation allows fast changes in the original design, should the customer want any. For your convenience, the application can generate reports to display the list of the materials used, dimensions, and a cost estimation, which enables you to present the design and make changes on the spot with the customer.

PRO100 is an asset in the right hands of an expert designer, providing a rich toolbox to create designs for any room in a house or an office. Thanks to its variate and extendable object library, placing objects or furniture inside a room is just a matter of dragging and dropping, while the object manipulation tools allow you to focus on the design rather than handling and placing items around.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows Vista

What's new
  • Environment mapping (chrome, reflection simulation on curved surfaces)
  • Closure of the environment (a more realistic model of light distribution
  • Designs export to 3D panoramas (including VR glasses, mobile devices, web sites)
  • Export to *.jpg files

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