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May 18 2023

An advanced text editor that supports LaTeX documents, HTML files and NSIS scripts, with a feature-rich editor and macro recording vapabilities

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WinEdt is a flexible application focused on helping you work on TEX projects. While it can also be used as a standard text editor, its main function is to assist you in easily processing TEX documents, while also providing a development tool for HTML or NSIS.

The application does not require advanced knowledge, but you might need to take the time to learn all the functions in the menus in order to use it at its full potential. It offers a versatile and intuitive development environment for the LaTeX typesetting system, with an editor that features syntax highlighting, predefined functions, line numbering and error verification.

WinEdt provides support for various compilers (PDFTeXify, TeX, AMSTeX, LuaTeX and so on) and allows you to easily manage your project and explore their content. It bundles a diverse collection of LaTeX symbols that can be used for editing equations, as well as tools for evaluating expressions.

Its spell checking engine works together with a rich thesaurus, featuring word suggestions and multilingual compatibility, but the more advanced functions are the ones that makes it stand out from the crowd. Take for instance, the active string support, which allow you to assign an action to a specific string.

The built-in macro recorder aims to help you automate common tasks by launching frequently used commands using scripts (although you might not need this, since the program brings its own predefined functions), while the integrated compilers allow you to process TeX, HTML files and NSIS scripts. LaTeX documents can be easily converted to HTML format, while executable files can be executed with the help of the built-in console.

Considering the above, WinEdt is a powerful editor intended for programmers and developers. Its functionality goes well beyond that of a simple text editor, including options and tools to allow working with HMTL web pages, TeX files and NSIS scripts.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7

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