WTM Copy Protection

WTM Copy Protection 2.71 Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

February 23 2021

Protect your software against illegal use as well as piracy in just a few clicks using this simple and straightforward software solution

WTM Copy Protection Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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In recent years, CD piracy has become a real issue not only for the recording industry, but also for individuals that want to protect their personal information. While it is a rampant phenomenon, there are ways to prevent the creation of illegal copies.

WTM Copy Protection is a simple application designed to help you protect your records and data. What this software does is modify the selected files from your CD, DVD or USB drive, making them unreadable and thus preventing unwanted access to their content.

The user interface is simple, allowing easy access to all the features. In order to protect your data, you can either use the wizard or do it manually, although the last option can seem more complicated for the inexperienced user.

When using the wizard, you have to select the files you want to secure, as well as the protection method. The program offers two types of protection, namely 'File Protection' (with or without document crypting) or 'Video Protection'.

What the software does is create an ISO file containing the encypted files and the dummy files, which you can burn to a CD. Moreover, you can select the number of dummy files, thus being able to find a balance between the protection level and the amount of time for creating the ISO file.

If you want to protect your data manually, you have multiple tools at your disposal and you can even create your own fake data. WTM Copy Protection can create a modified autorun file in order to protect your CD that prompts the user customized messages when detecting illegal copies.

When using the USB Drive copy protection feature, the program reads the digital signature of your USB drive and assigns a unique fingerprint to your selected files and folders, thus encrypting them.

If you want to protect important pictures and documents, the process is basically the same, as you have to select the USB drive, the compression ratio and the lock key that you want to associate with the files.

WTM Copy Protection is a program that can help you easily protect data against corruption, duplication or theft.

Supported OS: Windows All

What's new
  • Fixed: Broken in 2.70 - Viewer Protection: Serial Protection
  • Changes: Virtual Room

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