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Aug 21st 2015

Change the functionality of any button on your keyboard to something else in case some refuse to function with this practical and intuitive application

Key Remapper Crack & Serial Key

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The first computer input method was the keyboard, with the mouse shortly following in its path. Even though the trend is slowly moving towards touch-enabled devices and other methods, the keyboard is still going to be around for a while. Just like every object, it can also malfunction or some keys refuse to work, and this is where Key Remapper is sure to come in handy.

When the application starts it directly hides in the system tray, but there’s a balloon popup message that lets you know it’s there so you don’t end up scratching your head. Even so, you still count on the main window for every operation, because the tray icon isn’t fitted with any other option besides to close and customize.

The application’s core function is to let you change the functionality of every button on your keyboard to something else. The whole process is pretty easy and intuitive, and you can even configure broken keys, because this is done by selecting buttons from a list.

You don’t get to see any examples, but there’s no difficulty in trying it out yourself. Shortcuts need to be created, and they remain in the main window along with details on what key they replace, and whether or not the remap is active. The list can be sorted out according to state, initial key, as well as the one it’s mapped to.

By default, the application automatically runs on startup, which is a neat advantage. What’s more, the list of keys you can remap covers alternate states, as well as media buttons for special keyboards. When remapping a key, you also have the possibility to simply disable it.

Sadly, you need to use the main window each time you want to add a different shortcut or even toggle the state of an existing one. They’re not shown in the tray icon, and neither is there a shortcut to at least toggle them all. What’s more, you’re limited to a single profile, and it would have been good to see multiple slots for different configuration sets.

Bottom line is that Key Remapper doesn’t bring anything new on the block, but presents the idea in an intuitive environment that’s accessible to all levels of experience. Although toggling the states can’t be done via the tray icon, and there’s no way to create more profiles, the application lets you use almost any button on all kinds of keyboards, and instantly applies your preferences.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K

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