Ircam Trax

Ircam Trax Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

Mar 16th 2011

The next generation voice and sonic processing tools.

Ircam Trax Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

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Ircam Trax is a suite of three ingenious processors that provide truly innovative signal transformation algorithms allowing the user to alter sound characteristics such as: pitch, timbre and duration, using a highly intuitive user interface.

TRAX Transformer is based on an augmented phase vocoder technology and a cutting edge transformation algorithm, allowing for manipulating characteristic properties of a voice such as gender, age and breath, and on any other sound; expression, formant and pitch.

TRAX Cross Synthesis utilizes a phase vocoder (the amplitude and the frequency/phase spectra), to morph the spectral characteristics of two sounds. The amplitude and frequency/phase spectra can be blended continuously and since the features that are used here are strongly nonlinear, the sound morphing is nonlinear as well, offering a way to create a wide range of new exciting and unusual sound effects.

TRAX Source Filter is based on a signal model decomposing the signal into a time envelope describing the energy/loudness contour of the sound, and a spectral envelope describing the spectral color of the sound timbre. The energy contour and the spectral color of the source sound, can be continuously blended with the spectral colour and energy contour of an arbitrary filtrating sound, allowing transformation that extend well beyond the more common source filter morphing effect.

Get Ircam Trax and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

What's new
  • Fixes:
  • fix crash under Ableton Live, while reloading session containing at least one Flux:: plug-in.
  • fix Ableton Live CPU overload issue, force to 2/5 at max, to reduce CPU load
  • WARNING: change spat source presence to source presence offset. Option is available to go back to the former mode. A reload of the complete host software is mandatory to take this change in account. Projects done with the former mode must be re-loaded with the Absolute mode enabled.
  • VST Host
  • 2 channels maximum processing (mono or stereo).
  • 1 FS (32, 44.1, 48 Khz).
  • No properties (parameters) published to the Host software. So your settings will not be saved in the host software project (composition).
  • No Automations (so No Control surface supported).
  • No Side-chain (for plugins that support side-chain).
  • No presets Save/Recall, Import/Export (only factory preset can be loaded).
  • This version is not time bombed but after half an hour of audio processing or UI utilization all the user interface controls will be disabled. The sound will still be processed, allowing you to continue working normally on your project but you will not be able to modify the settings until you restart the plug-in.
  • no Fundamental frequency direct edit ! have to use the Preset, Register and Learn...
  • Options are disabled
  • no spectral envelop

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