Free RS Email Verifier

Free RS Email Verifier Crack & Serial Number

Jan 10th 2018

A useful and reliable application aimed to offer you the ability of checking the existence of multiple email addresses with minimal effort

Free RS Email Verifier Crack & Serial Number

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Free RS Email Verifier is an appealing and user-friendly software solution developed to provide you with a reliable method of checking numerous email addresses, being able to determine if they are real or not in just a few moments.

The application features a simple and straightforward user interface, its looks showing it is not only targeted at advanced individuals, but also novices.

The main window of Free RS Email Verifier enables you to easily view the results of the operation both in brief and in detail, quickly learning if an address is real or not.

The program allows you to add the emails you wish to check either manually or by importing them from a TXT / CSV file. To find out if your addresses are valid or not, Free RS Email Verifier firstly looks at the syntax of each entry, eliminating the ones that do not correspond to the proper form.

Subsequently, the utility will check for the existence of the domain (both its name and its server). In addition, a connection attempt will be made to the SMTP server through port 25. Finally, a message sending simulation will be run, without actually dispatching anything, only verifying the existence of the mailbox.

The results are soon displayed, marking off addresses with ‘Rejected / Doesn’t Exist’ or ‘Good’. A set of statistics is displayed on the side, listing the total number of entries, the ones that were processed or the ones remaining, as well as the entries that are ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ or ‘Others’. Moreover, you can export the findings to a CSV or a TSV document for further work.

Free RS Email Verifier proves to be a handy and reliable tool that can successfully determine the existence of addresses, being particularly useful for newsletter dispatching or other promotional campaigns, as it helps you avoid bounced messages.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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