DesignFOIL R6.47 Serial Number Full Version

Feb 15th 2019

Design aerodynamic airfoil shapes, experiment with construction parameters, perform simulations and analysis with the help of this easy to use application

DesignFOIL Serial Number Full Version

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DesignFOIL is a user-friendly application that can assist you in airfoil design and analysis. Providing support for subsonic airfoils only, it enables you to use its functions and drawing tools in order to generate truly aerodynamic models for airplanes and race cars.

All the options are accessible, which makes the application very easy to use, especially since at first launch you are welcomed by a guide that contains clear instructions. The interface is quite dull, with an old and simplistic look that might remind you of older Windows versions.

The application bundles a set of predefined airfoil templates that can represent a starting point in creating your own design. The collection includes NACA 6-series models, as well as elliptical, circular and deformable airfoils. Alternatively, you can import a coordinate file in DAT or DXF format and build a new airfoil based on the contained values.

Once a model is selected, you can can proceed to modifying its construction parameters, which can significantly alter the appearance of the airfoil. As such, you can adjust the leading edge roundness factor, change the percentage chord, modify the chord distribution and the construction method.

The basic wing layout can be altered using the options in the 'TOOLS_geometry' menu. DesignFOIL can simulate simple flaps, perform coordinate slope analysis and modify meanlines. Also, it can easily calculate the area and the surface length of the model.

The application also comes with analysis tools, ready to assist you in testing the model in order to determine whether it is aerodynamic enough or not. The virtual wind tunnel generates a drag polar graph taking into consideration the aero coefficient, the pressure and other factors.

Shapes can be easily exported to CAD applications or to Excel for further processing. Also, you can copy the model to the clipboard with just a click.

Providing support for all the NACA standard engines, DesignFOIL is a great tool for airfoil designers, enabling them to consider all the factors that might affect the model's aerodynamics. It integrates both editing and testing tools, ready to help you generate sketches that can be then used for building real models.

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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