CheVolume Crack + Keygen Updated

June 10 2019

With this simple and efficient application, you can manage the sound emitted by various programs and output it through a precise device

CheVolume Crack + Keygen Updated

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CheVolume is a useful and reliable piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you the means of outputting various audio application through a specific set of speakers, headphones or other similar devices.

The utility experiences a brief setup process, featuring nothing out of the ordinary; afterward you can launch it and begin working with it immediately, its intuitive looks making it accessible even to novices.

The main window displays the existing output devices, so you can choose the default one, while from the lower section, you can choose the exact application that should be heard through a certain device.

CheVolume automatically runs minimized in the system tray, where you can access it just by double-clicking its icon, which will reveal its main window. The program automatically detects all sounds emitting sources and lets you decide what to do with each one, individually.

All media players, games, browser windows and other similar applications are listed by CheVolume, displaying a ‘Transfert’ button for all those that you can use to output them through a different device, other than the default one.

As such, you can listen to music on your speakers, watch a movie on a computer-connected television set and play a game on your headphones, without the sounds overlapping. In addition, you can adjust the volume for each one or mute certain apps altogether, with a simple button press.

In short, CheVolume is a handy and effective tool that you can rely on for managing the output location for all your sound-emitting software, be they games, media players or web browsers, so you can enjoy multiple activities simultaneously.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7

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