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Asoftis IP Changer 1.4 Crack With Serial Number

May 11 2020

Change your computer''s IP address to hide your real identity while navigating online, and thus protect your privacy during browsing sessions

Asoftis IP Changer Crack With Serial Number

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Navigating online has its drawbacks, as many servers can track your location, which some consider a privacy invasion act. Moreover, some websites impose geographical restrictions, meaning you cannot access their resources if your IP's location is found on a blacklist. Fortunately, there are various applications that enable you to change your computer's IP address, thus bypassing this issue. Asoftis IP Changer is just one example.

This particular application can modify your PC's IP address, making it look like it is located in another part of the world. In other words, it can anonymize your Internet connection but note that you should also run your browser in anonymous mode to make sure no personal data is exchanged with the servers you are accessing as a client.

The application is very easy to use. There is a generous list of free proxy servers within the main window, which are used to reroute your Internet traffic. Your real IP address is displayed next to the new one, and a list of blacklisted addresses is also available. This latter section includes addresses that were tested against and failed to download a test file.

One interesting feature of Asoftis IP Changer is its mutex-based API, which can be used to change the IP address of an external application. Evidently, this feature is dedicated to experienced programmers who can implement the mutex feature in their programming language of choice. A Delphi-based example is depicted in the application's offline documentation.

It's not mandatory to close your browser to change the IP address with Asoftis IP Changer. As you toggle it active, you can simply reload the opened webpages to access them using the new IP address.

Asoftis IP Changer comes in handy if you need to change your IP address for a particular reason. It might take a while for the application to find a proxy server that passes the download test, but it is worth the wait. Unfortunately, the application does not display the countries the proxy servers are located in, which would allow you to choose wittingly.

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Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10

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