What US states will support Apple Wallet digital Identity Cards?

Of the many incredibly features Apple revealed during it's annual WWDC keynote, the one with the most potential to change day-to-day lives is the ability to store your state ID within Apple Wallet. By working with local governments and storing your personal information within the Secure Element on an iPhone, not to mention working with the TSA for use in airports across the US, Apple is offering a safe way to truly ditch your physical wallet soon. The only question right now is where will you be able to actually use this new feature. During the keynote, Apple said this would only work in "participating states in the US" but didn't give a full list. I've done a little research, and this is where I think the first rollout is most likely to happen.

We'll be keeping this list updated as more information comes in, but it's clear there are a ton of questions still. If two states support digital IDs, are they compatible so you can travel without bringing your card? How will digital IDs work in police situations like a traffic stop? What happens when your driver's license is a little older and you don't look like your ID anymore? Here's hoping we have lots of answers soon.