How to give a gift subscription to Disney Plus, Netflix and other streaming services

Chances are your holiday shopping looks a little different this year, as do the types of gifts your family and friends might enjoy as we all hunker down for the winter ahead. But if there is one gift that is almost a guaranteed hit this year: A subscription to a streaming service.

That could mean signing your loved one up for Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Apple Music or any of the growing list of others available for the first time, or it could mean paying for part of their existing subscription. Either way, a TV, movie or music streaming service is a great quarantine-friendly gift. And it's one you can increasingly enjoy together, with features and extensions such as Teleparty (formerly called Netflix Party), Disney Plus GroupWatch and Amazon Prime Video Watch Party that let you watch and chat together from afar.

Here's how to give each of the major TV and movie streaming services as a gift this year.

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What about HBO Max?

While HBO used to offer gift cards for HBO Now, it appears that those have been discontinued with the launch of HBO Max (though if you already have one, you can still use it toward a Max subscription). Unfortunately, if you want to give the gift of HBO Max, you'll probably have to give a prepaid cash card that the recipient can put toward a subscription, or something else.

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