Steganos Tuning PRO

Steganos Tuning PRO Crack With Activation Code Latest

Sep 25th 2017

A system cleaner and optimizer that can provide assistance in carrying out maintenance operations, monitoring the PC usage, and improving its speed

Steganos Tuning PRO Crack With Activation Code Latest

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Computer maintenance requires a significant amount of time, unless a specialized application comes into the picture. With a name that speaks for itself, Steganos Tuning PRO is a system cleaner and optimizer that combines several tools to help you keep the PC running at top performance.

Once the initial automatic scan is completed, you should be able to browse all the sections of Steganos Tuning PRO and see what issues it found.

The application features three main modules, namely SmartCleaner, SmartTurbo, and SmartUpdate. Each of these modules encloses additional functions, and all the functions work together coherently to optimize the system and clean it from junk files.

The SmartCleaner module can help you perform automatic and manual optimization of the system. It identifies and erases unneeded files, and clears the content of the Recycle Bin. Moreover, it targets invalid entries in the registry and can even perform registry defragmentation to speed up running processes and enhance the computer's response to your commands.

Storage space is not neglected by the SmartCleaner. Thanks to the Multimedia Data Manager, you can identify images, videos, and music files that take up significant amounts of space and erase them from the computer (be careful to create a backup first so as to avoid data loss).

The mission of the SmartTurbo module is a bit different. First, it can analyze startup items and help you choose the items that should start with Windows. Secondly, it can make changes to the parameters of the network configuration and those of the installed browsers to enhance the browsing experience as far as speed is concerned. Additionally, it can run disk defragmentation and manage services that start upon Windows launch.

SmartTurbo also comes with a collection of tweaks that can alter the behavior of the Windows system. For instance, it can change folder-related settings, and tamper with the taskbar settings. Also, it features privacy protection capabilities that enable you to restrict the access of installed apps to the camera or the microphone, block Cortana, activate or disable DiagTrack, block information flows to Microsoft, and so on.

Last but not least, the SmartUpdate module of Steganos Tuning PRO manages the Internet history and browsing tracks and keeps all the software and the drivers up to date. And thanks to the embedded uninstaller, you can get rid of applications you no longer use.

Steganos Tuning PRO is an all-in-one application for keeping a PC running at top performance. It delivers a multitude of tools you can work with to run periodical maintenance tasks. Nevertheless, thanks to the autopilot feature, system optimization becomes one-click away.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7

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