PDF Index Generator

PDF Index Generator 3.3 Crack + License Key (Updated)

May 24 2023

A simple and efficient application for you to generate your PDF document's index, allowing you to customize the process while saving you a lot of time

PDF Index Generator Crack + License Key (Updated)

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PDF Index Generator is a reliable and easy to use application destined to help you generate the index of names and words, with the corresponding page number for PDF format books.

The application can assist you through the process, by simplifying the steps you have to follow. The four stages of the index generating start with the source file identification. PDF Index Generator can scan the document in order to determine the number of pages. Optionally, you can set it to index the special format page numbers, such as Latin numbers as well. The software can index all the pages or just the selected ones.

The second step consists of indexing the words in the book. You can index all the words or set specific categories and include only certain words. For instance, if you index a science book, you may only add the technical terms to the index.

Further, you can view a list of all the indexed words and manage duplicates, create cross-references or merge identical words. You can easily add or remove words form the list, edit their spelling or change their font and size. Additionally, you can import or export word bundles to clipboard or to other programs.

The word formatting option enables you to modify the selected words: convert small letters to capitalized ones, create name formats from two or more words and append/prepend text. Thus you can easily add prefixes or suffixes to the selected words.

Moreover, the software enables you to merge identical words with one click or to increment the page number associated with a certain piece of text. View or export a detailed report of the indexing actions performed by the application.

The program can index the PDFs and save the result as portable document file or as text. You can select the name of the output document and let PDF Index Generator write the file.

A helpful office tool, PDF Index Generator can generate contents sheet for PDF books, articles essays or other texts. You can make the searching process easier for the reader by creating an advanced and accurate index of words and associated pages or cross-references.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP

What's new
  • Support Run-In index styling for sub-header terms.
  • Allow using inclusive page numbers for page ranges. i.e: 315-26 instead of 315-326.
  • Allow setting different margins for even/odd pages for the output PDF index file through the inside/outside margins feature.
  • Allow using wild cards in the auto-merge terms (equations).

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