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Jul 18th 2016

Create numbered documents and export them to PDF format with this application that offers increased customization for the layout alignment and offset

NumberingStar Crack + License Key Download

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Handling large volumes of documents that need to be printed also implies a numbering scheme for their layout. Adding numbers to each document page can be difficult, especially if custom formatting is involved. NumberingStar was created in order to help users define specific numbering schemes for their documents, with adjustable settings such as offset, alignment or gaps.

The application boasts a clean interface that offers a classical document editor layout, with a center view and adjacent side-panels for the customization. One will be able to easily switch between the customization for the front or back of the document and the application allows them to easily export the document to PDF format, by using the on-screen buttons.

All the characteristics that determine the alignment and position of the numbering in relation to the document page can be easily adjusted. People can make use of the numerical entry fields that allow them to control the trim, stamps, paper size, layout or numbers. However, the application doesn’t offer a preview of the contents of the imported PDFs.

People will be able to access an advanced settings module that will enable them to add repeats or blanks in their documents, each with adjustable offset and direction. Collation is also provided and one can choose one of the “Cut & Stack”, “Step & Repeat” or “Uncollated” options.

One advantage, despite the fact that the application doesn’t offer PDF content preview, is the fact that users will be able to visualize the applied changes in realtime. Therefore, any adjustments made to the offset, rotation, layout or numbering will be displayed instantaneously. This is handy, as it allows one to visually determine if the output layout is as required, without exporting the result.

For those who require a tool that can help them define numbering for multiple documents, this utility could just be what they’re looking for. It features an easy-to-use interface that offers direct customization for the numbering scheme: offset, rotation, reposition, alignment, etc. However, one minor drawback is the fact that the contents of the imported PDFs cannot be previewed.

Supported OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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